How i became a maternity + newborn photographer

in Knoxville, TN

From the time I was 5 years old I set my heart on becoming a teacher, and never wavered from that dream. Most people don't actually become what they write on their "What do you want to be when you grow up?" worksheet in Kindergarten, but I did! So you can imagine my confusion when around my 6th year into teaching I was dreaming a different dream. I can be pretty stubborn, and would become the last to admit that maybe teaching wasn't my forever, or at least right now, career.

I could sit and write an entire novel about what I learned during my 7 year long teaching career in elementary special education- the good, the bad, and the ugly. This post, however, is more about my journey since leaving the classroom over a year ago.

knoxville maternity photographer

My business model began as a jack-of-all-trades method and I worked with couples, seniors, families, and even photographed a small wedding! But when I had an in-home newborn session something inside me would just light up! Being with the family in their safe space capturing their closeness and details of this new tiny human was fascinating to me.

Listening to photography podcasts, I would often hear them mention "niching down" and thought is that really the best choice? I thought I would have to share everything I photograph online and advertise for everything under the sun to get the best results. Well, after booking more and more newborn sessions I was hooked. I knew I wanted to niche, but it was scary! What if I don't get enough bookings, what if this fails?

Turns out, by niching and booking more of what I truly want to focus on, my skills have not only improved but I've developed a more specific and consistent style! I've been able to book more amazing clients in addition to the ones I had already gained, and give them the individualized experience they deserve. Niching down has also given me more confidence overall in my business!

knoxville newborn photographer

So now when I'm talking with other business owners at networking groups, or just catching up with someone who asks how my business is going, I confidently tell them about my maternity + newborn package, and how I offer milestone sessions throughout baby's first year, and keep in touch with my clients and capture their family photos! I now have a stronger sense of my "why" for photography, and that is so fulfilling.

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knoxville newborn photographer

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