In-home photography: Knoxville

As I was gathering ideas for this blog post, I began with 3 reasons and then it grew to 5. Honestly I could keep going up, but I'll reel it into my top 5 for you guys! I hope you enjoy the read, and don't forget to check out the links to my website!


You're not limited by weather or season

This is a game changer for sure! It could be snowing outside while we're gathered together capturing warm moments filled with love. It also helps on those 90+ degree days in Knoxville when you don't even want to step outside unless it's into a swimming pool.

knoxville family photographer


It's so convenient

The lifestyle photography experience comes to you! My sessions are typically an hour long, and we spend that time using natural light in your home and posing prompts paired with candid shots. Check out my portfolio to see more of my work and get a feel for my style!

photographer knoxville tn


Memories of your home to look back on

Chances are you might not stay in the same house forever, so capturing fleeting moments of your family in the place that is so close to your heart is something magical. In-home sessions almost feel like freezing time.

knoxville newborn photographer


Your pets can be included

This ties in with reason #2 because it adds to the convenience! Furry friends are always welcome to my sessions, which is something I get asked often. Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page below for more information.

knoxville family photographer


It's where your family is most comfortable

I can relate to this so much because I am a homebody through and through. I've found that little ones open up more quickly when they are in their home. When you and your family are comfortable, it shines through your images. I love seeing the real-life moments and turning them into art.

family photographer knoxville tn

Thanks for checking out my blog! I'd love to hear from you and discuss your vision for your next photo session!