Knoxville photo locations- melton hill park

Perfect for Every Season

The images below were taken in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Notice the difference in backdrops and colors! You would never know that all four photos were taken at the same place (if I hadn't just told you!)

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So much variety

Would you like a beautiful lake in the background of your family photos? How about rock faces against the golden sunset? Hmm, or maybe rolling hills of tall grasses? This place really has it all, and there's a good reason that I always see at least three other photographers walking around each time I'm there. The best part is that there's room for all of us to find our unique spots!

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Convenient for Families

The paved trail that circles around the park makes it super easy to bring along a stroller or let your toddler follow us as we head to the next spot. Parking is right by the water and we can start there, or head up the trail and make our way around the loop. My sessions last around an hour and that is plenty of time to get so many different looks even with little ones!

melton hill park photos

Melton Hill Park is truly a gem of Knoxville! If you'd like to read about some more hidden gems of the Knoxville area, check out this article that I was featured in on Redfin!

I'd love to chat with you about your vision for a session!

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