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"Consistency is key" is not just a cliché

Consistently choosing to put forth my best effort for my business is going to bring about great changes. This doesn't just mean consistently posting online, but having a consistent style in my images, workflow, and building a day-to-day routine. Having a "why" for my business and remembering it even when things get hard is so important. This can be applied to any profession, but it takes on a whole new meaning when you own a small business.


Huge growth in your business doesn't happen overnight

Ok, I left my day job and now the business is going to come rolling in, right?! Not exactly how life works. Putting forth authentic effort and energy will help me organically grow over time. One social media post isn't going to skyrocket my career as a photographer. There's so much work that takes place behind the scenes, and so many iced coffees to be had!

knoxville small business


You don't have to do this alone

I didn't go to school for business... or photography... so I had no idea where to start! My first big step in the right direction was enrolling in a mentorship with the amazing Devon Adrianne Photography. I learned more than I could imagine, and she continues to be a wonderful resource and friend! Through her I've also had opportunities to meet other Knoxville photographers and business owners. I recently took a marketing course with the fabulous Karen Stone Photo, and I learned about marketing and so much more. Every time we talked I would get so amped up about building my business! Some other things I've done to feel connected in this time are attending a local networking group for small business owners and listening to educational podcasts! The bottom line is that learning from others' journeys is so important when starting your own.


It's a good idea to have a side hustle while you build your clientele

As I mentioned above, huge success doesn't happen overnight, so getting a part-time job or other avenue of income is so helpful in accelerating your dream. Don't look at it as a step backwards but as a support to get you where you want to go!

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You don't have to do things the way everyone else does

This one is huge. Sometimes we stick ourselves and our creativity in a box limited by what we see from others. You can fall into the thinking trap that you have to follow current trends to be noticed or get clients. I'm learning how to stay true to myself and my editing style, and really harness moments of creativity!

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