Knoxville Newborn Photography in the Comfort of your Home

Comfort + Confidence

When you're comfortable in your outfit, your confidence is reflected in the photos! Try your outfits on ahead of time to make sure you're happy with your choice!

Patterns + Textures

Mamas, it's best to start with your outfit and then base everyone else's around you! Find something that you love wearing and the others' will fall into place. When choosing outfits, try not to have multiple patterns competing with each other. I recommend sticking to one pattern, and then choosing other solid outfits that have texture to give an added dimension to photos.

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Be Yourself!

Maybe you want to keep it sweet and simple, so you choose all neutrals. Maybe you love the colors you chose for your nursery so you match them! I'm here to offer inspiration and suggestions, but ultimately I want to capture your unique story and whatever that looks like for you.

Knoxville Newborn Photographer
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Let's chat about your vision for your Knoxville Newborn Photos!

knoxville newborn photographer