//Let's start from the beginning//

This is the beginning of your little one's story, and I am so excited that you've chosen me to capture it!

When we meet for your session, whether it's at a local park or studio, I want you to feel super confident and relaxed because confidence is the best accessory and will shine through your photos!

I've highlighted a few of my most asked questions below, and I'm here if you have more, so let's dive in!

What should I wear?

Close your eyes and imagine that you're looking at your maternity photos already. How do you see yourself? Are you in a long flowing dress, or something that shows off the bump a little more? Are there lots of colors or is it something more neutral? Go with your instinct on what is most comfortable for you, and that will lead you in the right direction. I also suggest hopping on Pinterest for some inspiration! If you want to check out my Pinterest board with outfit ideas, click below!

Can I Bring Multiple Outfits?

Absolutely! I find that one or two outfits is best for the time that we have together. Bringing an additional outfit gives a lot of variety to your images, and can give a totally different vibe so I say go for it! If we are at a studio there will be a changing room, but if we go to a local park you might be switching outfits in the car, so just something to think about!

Can our dog be included?

Of course bring your fur babies! My dog is my child, so I totally understand wanting to include them in this special time. After all, they're part of the family!

What about props?

Some items that you may want to include are ultrasound photos, a onesie, or little shoes. Really any special item that you would like to include is perfect!

Please reach out if you have any other questions, and I'm so excited to see you at our session!

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